The Best Straightforward Advice for Overcoming Fear

I know from experience that fear can cripple you from being Great and living your best life. Fear is an imaginary barrier that can paralyze you from doing the things that God has created and chosen you to do. Over the years, I’ve learned one sure way to overcome fear is to take fast action and just do it. (James 2:17)  Before over-analyzing the project, before procrastination creeps in, before doubt overshadows you, before you realize you don’t have enough resources to start the project, Just Do It!

Listen!! What God has entrusted into your hands is bigger than you and he has already equipped you with everything you need to get the job done. (2 Peter 1:3)  So why be afraid to do what God has chosen you and you only to do? When you take fast action on what God has chosen you to do, it blocks the enemy from whispering in your ear why it won’t work. You are only courageous when you do what is right despite your fears. Break the imaginary barrier, Take Fast Action and Just Do it.

Don’t be inactive; an idle mind is the enemy’s playground. He takes advantage of those people who choose passivity instead of action. Action requires faith in God and trust in His word to accomplish great things for the kingdom. The fainthearted, fearful, and doubters will always struggle with taking action.

It’s impossible to live life without feeling any fear at all, but the kind of fear that controls you and steals your life from you doesn’t come from God. (2 Tim 1:7)  Fear will steal your life right from under you but God wants you to be bold and fearless in him. He wants you to reach out and grab nothing and hold on to it until it becomes something. Living fearless requires living in the faith zone and living in the faith zone requires action, Fast Action!

On the other side of fear is where you will find your greatest accomplishments. After you make that first phone call to a potential client, after you send that email requesting information, after you launch your first book, call a mortgage lender for the house, sign the contract for your new building there is no turning back. You will be to knee-deep in it to turn back. The only way to go from there is forward.

Look, I don’t have the top ten steps to overcoming fear. I don’t have the 7 keys to keep your faith over fear and I sure don’t have any tools and techniques for this fear thing. But I can tell you that taking fast action on what God has planned for you will put fear in check every time. Take Fast Action and Just Do it.

Galatians 5:6
Each of you must take responsibility for doing the creative best you can with your own life.

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