If I Had The Money

What would you do if you had money to invest into your future?

Would you invest in stocks? Would you write a book, open a beauty salon or restaurant? Would you start your own daycare business or counseling service? What if you were handed enough money to start your own clothing line, would you know where to go to get started?

Before I launched Exciting Faith, I was the victim of “If I had the Money”…. I read many blogs of other inspirational speakers, preachers as well as teachers and I would say “Wow!!! If I had the money I would create a website and hold conferences just like the others.” It wasn’t until I did some research on how much the startup of a website might cost. Much to my surprise it was affordable. And so it began…Excitingfaith.com

What I want to point out is; many of us find time and money to go see our favorite artist in concert, take vacations with friends and family, buy all kinds of food and gifts for the holidays but never take that same amount of energy to invest into our purpose. There is an old saying “use what you got, to get what you want”.

Let me encourage you to start planning for success like you would if you were planning a family trip. Do your research, start buying things that you can afford now that will help you get started. Buy the paper and pen and start writing that book until you can get it published. Buy rollers and hair pins and start doing hair from your home or mobile service until you can open a salon. Buy cooking utensils and start cooking for your community until you can open up that restaurant.

The time is now to start right where you are. I purchased a website to begin my journey to success.

What is it going to take for you to get started? Don’t be the victim of “If  I HAD THE MONEY!!!!”.

We find time and money for other things, why not our purpose?

 Success Journey Tip:

“You don’t need a whole lot, just use the little you got”

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6 Responses

  1. Latosha Harrison says:

    I am truly loving what you have inspired to do! This creative force in you is taking off like never before! In less than a year, you are going to see the manifestation of your prayers come to fruition! Continue to be fearless and launch out into the deep more and more! LET THERE BE SUCCESS in all you undertake! Be blessed!

  2. abraham says:

    I was truly blessed by your conference on exciting faith as you confirmed to me what God told me when you said you have to visualize your success before and God told me be it manifest but your conference and vision to inspire will go higher because I believe this is GODS desire for you in this last hour! Stay Excited about your Faith!!!

    • Exciting Faith says:

      Thank you sir, I am grateful for you attending the conference, I am inspired by your encouraging words. I pray that that what you visualize will come to pass sooner than later. Keep anticipating God’s promises with Exciting Faith.

  3. Yes I’m focus on my business always.

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