Faith Is Not Fantasy

I can remember a time when I applied for an apartment, I just knew  my faith was big enough to get the apartment I wanted. I pack up my things in an act of faith and was prepared to leave my current situation. A few weeks after I applied, I got that dreaded phone call.  My application was denied!  My first emotion was to get angry with God, but I couldn’t. I knew he had a better plan for me, but I needed to know why I was rejected for something  I thought my faith was so confident in.

Did I have a enough faith? Was it not big enough?

I thought I had a strong belief, my faith was not faith at all. It was a fantasy. My faith was based on feelings and my need for an apartment. I relied on my imagination of what I wanted to happen and not what God wanted for me.

There are many people who are frustrated due to the fact that what they are calling faith is actually fantasy. Fantasy is the activity of imagining things, especially things that are impossible. Fantasy on the other hand does not operate in faith, only imagination, positivity and optimism. Faith  is about standing on the solid foundation of the word of God and choosing to believe the impossible despite what we see. In other words, Faith can only operate when the will of God is known.

Faith is about standing on the solid foundation of the word of God.

James 2:17 says faith without works is dead. Most People take a leap of faith then ask God for his blessings after they have already leaped.  But faith can only operate when the will of God is known first, then; we can take action on what we know to be true according to God’s promises.  To be sure you are operating in Faith and not Fantasy, pursue God first, find out what his will is, then act on it in faith. Then you will see the manifestation of God’s Power in your situation.

James 2:17
Faith without works is dead”


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