Deidre Williams-Pittman

Founder of Exciting Faith Ministries

Deidre is an anointed speaker, faith coach, faith blogger, and preacher of the Gospel. She is known for her powerful energy and excitement about the promises of God. Her powerful delivery of her presentations will teach and inspire everyone who hears her message, to new levels of faith.

Deidre is a warrior; she is not afraid of the enemy and doesn’t mind getting in the boxing ring to contend for the faith for God’s people.

Deidre has a heart for people and desires to see them succeed in life. She is dedicated to helping people create their ideal lives by teaching them to stand firm on the promises of God and expect nothing but greatness!

Deidre knows what it’s like being a single mom with four children living on government assistance. She has been evicted from homes, had cars repossessed and lived from pay check to pay check. She can relate to making tough decisions just to provide for her family.

Deidre’s past experiences fuelled a passion for change and after seeking guidance from God, she founded “Exciting Faith Ministries” in April 2014, a supportive community of determined people who are ready to walk on water, move mountains, and change atmospheres.

In less than a year after starting her ministry, her life changed dramatically; Her mission is to help change perspectives and inspire many to live an adventurous life of excitement; while learning God’s plan for your life.

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