How A Faith List Can Inspire Your Faith

God-given assignments can be overwhelming, but there is a method that can help you unclutter your mind and help you tackle the tasks at hand. This is something that I have dreaded for years.  However, once I started using this method, it has opened time I never thought I had.  And that is living by a to-do-list. That’s right!  A good old-fashioned to-do-list.  But I like to call it a “Faith List”.  A faith list is a list of things that you need to do to accomplish a task that God has given you.  For example, if God has given you an idea to start a non-profit organization to feed the homeless. You would create a faith list of things to do to get the nonprofit organization started.  A faith list is like a vision board in list form and with a clear mind and some action, you will see how much a simple list can stretch your faith.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and need some clarity in your life, business or ministry. Keeping a faith list handy will bless your life tremendously and it keeps your faith thriving for more. Now I must tell you; before creating my faith list, my mind just would not let me let go of the thoughts in my head. I couldn’t sleep, or think straight throughout the day. I needed to find a way to get the thoughts out of my head. If I didn’t, the thoughts and ideas in my head were going to drive me crazy.

So, I grabbed a planner. I listed the things I needed to do, places I needed to go and people I needed to see.  What a huge difference I’ve seen in my daily performance! I wrote down everything from making doctor appointments to losing my belly fat. I carry my planner with me everywhere I go. To make sure my mind is free of clutter, I jot down every thought or idea.

I’ve learned quickly; creating a faith list helps to keep my life in order.  I get a sense that I am getting closer to the things God has prepared for me.  My faith list helps me anticipate things to come and with excitement, and prepare for them. The process of writing things on paper in list form makes me feel empowered and organized. I am in control of my life and with a faith list, I can take the risk needed to stretch my faith. Without it, I normally would put things on the back-burner.

Every night, I write down the things that come to mind. Every morning I pull from the list the things I want to accomplish for that day. If I don’t accomplish everything in one day, I try to tackle it the next day.  However, I do discipline myself by making sure I accomplish at least one or two things off my list. If not, my day is not complete. This self-disciplinary act helps with my procrastination and keeps me from getting stuck.

Faith lists are fun and point driven. When your thoughts and ideas come from God, they provide results that can help you produce the life you desire. With so many activities and distractions in our everyday lives, it’s very important to start each day with a plan. Your greatest desires are often held hostage in your mind. If you don’t write it out on paper, your desires may never come to fruition. Writing a faith list and living by them will stretch your faith and build confidence. As a result, it will help you take the risk needed to accomplish things that you would never have accomplished before.

So, go ahead try it…..grab a planner, a notebook, or a journal. Create a faith list that will stretch your faith and prepare you for what God has come your way.


And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it Habakkuk 2:2  (KJV)



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