3 Ways Your Faith Will Disappoint You

Many people are disappointed, bitter and angry with God because God has not answered their prayers. These people usually confuse the meaning of what faith really is. To them, faith is a power of force to get God to move when they want and how they want.  When a crisis comes, they try to get God to move though their faith. Most people think that “If I have enough faith, God will do what ever I ask him to do”, and when God doesn’t respond, they are disappointed. Their misunderstanding of faith has led them to an unrealistic expectation and unrealistic expectations will lead to disappointment.

In this post, I am sharing with you 3 ways your faith will disappoint you.

Unfamiliar with God’s promises

To live by faith, requires that we become familiar with God’s promises, your faith must be connected to God’s promise which is the essence of what faith is really about. The bible says in Genesis 18, Abraham and Sarah were going to have a baby. Sarah had doubts because of her age, but Abraham believed God because God promised it to him.  Just like Abraham; our faith must follow a promise, God’s promise.

Faith and God’s promises go hand-in-hand. Hebrews 11:1 says that faith is a substance. That means faith actually becomes tangible when it’s grounded in the promises of God.  It’s important that you get familiar with God’s promises.  Search for promises about your health, your wealth, your family, your ministry, your business, the will of God must be known before you can move forward in faith. To apply your faith to your lifestyle is to live as God will keep his promises.

You want control

Another way your faith will disappoint you is “control”.  To operate in true faith, you must submit your will to God and not the other way around. Disappointment comes when you think faith is a button you push to get God to move on your behalf.  You want God to move the way you want, You want God to move when you want…. You don’t command God to move he gives the command, your job is to obey his commands and enjoy the life he has prepared for you.

Psalm 37:4  says that God will give you the desire of your heart, but that desire must be God’s desire.  John 13:14 says if you ask anything in his name and it shall be given, but that “anything” is God’s anything, not yours.  When you ask God for something in faith, you are asking God for what he has promised you in his word.  Faith is that confidence you have that God will do what he has promised.  As the saying goes “Let Go and Let God”.

Using faith as an escape to avoid problems

When all things are going well, people are quick to praise God, they are healthy, their finances are in order, there are no family issues, work is great! But when things start to get a little shaky, they think that God has left them and they go looking for God.  Your faith will disappoint you when the only time you call on God is when you need him. When trouble arise is not the only time to put your faith into operation. Your faith must be active when things are good and when things are not so good.

God is often treated like a vending machine, put in a little faith in the machine and out comes whatever you need. God does not operate that way, you can’t attached your faith to the problem, your faith has to be attached to the promise.  No matter what crises you are facing, your faith is the confidence that God will keep his promises.

To apply your faith to your lifestyle is to live as God will keep his promises

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3 Responses

  1. Thanks for these reminders, Diedre! You wrote, “Disappointment comes when you think faith is a button you push to get God to move on your behalf.” So true. The more time we spend with God and build a relationship with Him, the more we begin to identify His will and surrender to His sovereign plan. Disappointment comes when we neglect then expect. We neglect our relationship with God and then expect that He’ll move as we hope instead of how He has planned from before the foundations of the earth.

    Thanks for pointing toward truth and wisdom!

    • Deidre says:

      I love your statement “Disappointment comes when we neglect then expect.” This is the absolute truth. Our relationship with God is really important. Thank you for stopping by <3

  2. D says:

    Great great post, you’ll never be disappointed if you know what Gods promises are to you . He wants you to know and have these promises so much, he had them placed in a book called The Bible.

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